First of we are delighted to announce the great success of VAWC 2016 – and that we have decided to continue and develop the concept for the future!

Vintage Aerobatic World Championship 2017

August 11-12-13, Stauning Airport, Denmark

The Mantra of Vintage Aerobatic World Championship

Hardy Vad, VAWC 2016 champion in category “Rolling the Circle” (KZ8) created a Mantra of VAWC:

“VAWC gives these fabulous old-timers a new sense of purpose, and do re-ignite their proud owners and pilots. VAWC unites the competitive and social SPIRIT and gives you personally a sense of going somewhere, rather than retreating…”

Dear fellow Vintage Pilot…

Our beloved vintage airplanes are capable of performing the most beautiful manoeuvres in the sky. Add the sound of a Gipsy Major, Renault or Tigre … or a radial. We can do air-ballet, soaring towards our piloting dreams and romantic flying desires.

Every one of us loves to fly! Let’s do it together! Let’s connect and have some fun. Teach some old dogs new tricks, and give some young pup’s useful tips. Build some fun-flying relations. If you own a vintage airplane capable of aerobatics, please read on. If you don’t, read on anyway, we might need you on the judging line and/or in the bar!

Any type of aircraft is welcome – Tiger Moth, Chipmunk, Bücker Jungman, SAAB Safir, KZ-2, KZ-8, Klem 35, Stearman, Zlin, you name it. It just has to be built before 1955.

To create even more fun and social opportunity, adding to the social energy, we have added two new categories of air planes on top of the “Vintage” category:

  • “Vintage” (Planes build before 1955)
  • “Classic” (Planes build after 1955 and before 1970)
  • “Replicas” (Planes build by Bücker Jungman, Stampe with Lycoming engine, Planes build by Fokker Dri-decker ect.)

To respond to many participants desire for learning new “stuff” and improve their flying elegance and precision we will arrange for a “Teaching the Tricks” flying/coaching day the day before the competition. Pilots to coach each other. Judges present to judge and coach pilots. Box starting order and briefing to be arranged.


At VAWC 2017 we will build on the success of the special free-style-flight. For 2017 will adjusted this slightly, and “The Performance” will be split in two sub-groups: SoloPerformance and TeamPerformance. The “scoring principle” will still be based on all pilots and judges functioning as a collective judging team. Great fun and socially intense! Please be aware that pilots flying “The Performance” shall explain/”dance” their Performance Flight at the bar-room floor the evening before the flight… allowing their colleague judges to know and understand their creative intention with the air ballet. (and choice of music??!!)

Register today

Experienced Judging line

Our Chief Judge, Lars-Göran Arvidsson (LG) (former CIVA president) will continue in his role, and contribute to the concept development of VAWC. Together with the aerobatic-  and judging legend Jiri Kobrle from Check Republic and international judge Jan Maxen VAWC will a very strong judging line!


THINK BIG! (Flieger: Immer gross denken). We – the organizing team – will listen and reach for the stars, and plan for a GREAT future for VAWC as a recurring event, with public interest. But we will INSIST on keeping the social/flying ambition balance, (The last part about of political drama is not relevant to the majority of participants, so let’s loose it!).


Please pre-register already now, and please do SPREAD the world in your social network. (PS: Spouses and “Ground Team” really made an important part of the atmosphere at VAWC 2016. Please bring your “team” to Stauning.)

Søren Dolriis

Contest Director, VAWC Founder (Stampe SV4c)