18-21 AUG
Breighton UK

VAWC 2022

Aug 18-21

Vintage Aerobatic World Championship 2023

Look forward to a fantastic event in the northern heart of europe.  Close  to Hamburg, easy accesable from south, north, east and west.

The  Real Aeroplane Club did a GREAT job hosting VAWC in Brieghton. Charles and his team did a FINE job organizing  everything needed, including PERFECT flying weather. Soon a report from VAWC 2022 will be upleaded on this website (+ FaceBook/Insta)

Please stay tuned on this website, and on FaceBook for further information on VAWC 2023, choice of venue and exact dates.

Søren Dolriis, VAWC Founder

Great success in Denmark 2021

VAM 2021, Odense/Denmark
Big thanks to all participants, judges, helpers, spouces… and our sponsors: Flieger Magazine, MT propeller, Nordfyns Kommune and Nordfyns Erhverv and Turism. Looking forward to VAWC in. Breigton, UK next year. Stay tuned.

VAWC is getting ready
for the next exiting journey

After we developed the VAWC concept in 2016, we have really enjoyed the friendly success, and it seems that the concept really have hit a need in the aviation world. Hardy Vad (Denmark) put in in this way:

VAWC gives these fabulous old-timers a new sense of purpose, and do re-ignite their proud owners and pilots. VAWC unites the competitive and social SPIRIT and gives you personally a sense of going somewhere, rather than retreating

On top of participants from many European countries we have enjoyed participants and presence from New Zeeland, USA and South Africa and Australia, but growing VAWC into an ambition of a true World Championship we would like to give VAWC stronger reach, stronger wings so to speak.

After a great contest in Denmark (2021) VAWC 2022 is agreed to take place in Breighton, UK. More info to follow on this web page. Stay tuned!!


Søren Dolriis /VAWC Founder