2017 Reporting

The Championship was exactly the great experience everyone hoped for and demonstrated what the vintage aircraft community is all about. The ambition of creating the right balance of social energy and atmosphere and competitive excitement and spirit was realized up to our high expectations.

Despite marginal weather for some pilots on their journey coming to Stauning, and despite we lost half of the flying time Saturday, efficient contest handling and good spirit from the participants allowed us to end the competition well before the AwardEvening. Way to go!!

The special atmosphere was highly demonstrated through out “The Performance”… be it the “evening dancing”/briefing, the actual performance to romantic music, or in the “social scoring”…. and though out the award evening.

Everyone made new friends, admired beautiful and timeless machinery and shared tall tales between the competitive flights.


The VAWC winners:

Looping the Loop: World champion 2017: Magnus Borg, Sweden (Saab Safir)

Dancing the Cloverleaf: World champion 2017: Oliver Heupel, Germany (Bücker Jungmeister)

Rolling the circle: World champion 2017: Benoit Dierickx, Belgium (Bücker Jungmeister/replica)

The Performance/SOLO (Free Style): Word champion 2017: Benoit Dierickx, Belgium (Bücker Jungmeister/replica)

The Performance/TEAM: No official world champion was elected due to withdraw of the Klem35 team from Sweden. ChipChaps from Denmark earned colleges honour!

Participants VAWC 2017     
Looping the Loop
Chris GriffithsTiger MothVintageBritish (?)
Steen Seit JespersenChipmunkVintageDanish
Daneil BoppBölkovClassicSwitzerland
Barry TempestStampe SV4BVintageBritish
Jakob MøllerStampe SV4BVintageDanish
Kay GyllingStampe SV4BvintageDanish
Magnus BorgSaab SafirVintageSwedish
Wane TantrumBücker Jungmeister(SE)VintageNew Zeel
Wayne EdwardsBücker Jungmeister(SE)vintagenew Zeel
Poul Erik NielsenStampe SV4cVintageDanish
Chris ErggeletYak 18a ClassicSwedish ?
Dancing the Cloverleaf
Dr. Oliver HeupelBücker JungmeisterVintageGerman
Clive DavidsonTiger MothVintageBritish
Povl ToftStampe SV4BvintageDanish
Claus CordesStieglitzVintageGerman
Jørgen NielsenChipmunkVintageDanish
Stefan SandbergBücker JungmeisterVintageSwedish
Håkan WijkanderBücker JungmeisterVintageSwedish
Rolling the circle
Rainer BerndBücker JungmeisterVintageGerman
Søren DolriisStampe SV4cVintageDanish
Hardy VadKZ8VintageDanish
Stephan StritterBücker JungmannReplica
Benoit DierickxBücker JungmannReplicaBelgium
Jiri HavligerZlin 126VintageCzech Rep.yes
Johan HarlanderBücker JungmeisterVintageGerman
Bernhard DrummerBücker JungmeisterVintageGerman
The Performance
Stephan StritterBücker JungmannReplica
Hardy VadKZ8VintageDanish
Rainer BerndBücker JungmeisterVintageGerman
Clive DavidsonTiger MothVintageBritish
Claus CordesVintage GliderVintageGerman
Claus Cordes ?StieglitzVintageGerman
Benoit DierickxBücker JungmannReplicaBelgium
Jiri HavligerZlin 126Vintageczech rep
Patrik SjöbergBücker JungmeisterVintageSwedish
Bernhard DrummerBücker JungmeisterVintageGerman
Christian ZokFournier RF 4 DClassicGerman
The Performance / Team
Patrik Sjöberg, Stefan Sandberg, Håkan WijanderKlem 35vintageSwedish
Jørgen Nielsen, Steen Seit Jespersen, +?Chipmunk VintageDanish