2019 Reporting

VAWC in GERA was the first time in the history of VAWC that a none-Danish venue was used. And what a success!

The strong German organizing team – lead by Rainer Bernd – was very experienced and did manage to prepare and implement a very smooth competition.

Also, the local team in Gera – led by Peter – was very strong and efficient. Big thanks to everybody involved!

And of cause big thanks to the sponsors: ZeitFlügel, Asko Aviation Insurance, Stieblich Hallenbau, Bernd Peter Rödel, MT propeller, Der Norderneyer and Flieger Magazine.  Without your support it would not have been possible!

On a higher level – also – the move of VAWC to a new country did make a lot of sense. Just as we dreamed about. More brave vintage aerobatic pilots and aviators were exposed to the great concept of VAWC, thus building VAWC even stronger and making VAWC a stronger happening in the world of Aviation Events.

Looping the loop: 1) Kathi Suthau 2) Daniel Bopp 3) Ronny Mehnert

Dancing the cloverleaf: Power: 1) Mortiz Kirchberg 2) Stephen Hipwell 3) Thomas Schse, Glider: 1) Peter Hofmann 2) Michi Fomann 3) Bernhard Drummer

Rolling the circle: 1) Bernhard Drummer 2) Dave Cooke 3) Benoit Dierickx

The performance Solo: 1) Benoit Deirickx 2) Dietmar Poll 3) Rainer Berndt

The Performance Teams: 1) The Zlin team Gera 2) The Bucker Team 3) The Lo100 Team

Preliminary Participants VAWC 2019     
Claus CordesStieglitzVintageGermany
Ronny MehnertZlin 226TClassicGermany
Henry AbrahamSlingsby T.66 Mk.III Nipper (G-AWDA)ClassicUK
Colin HalesSlingsby T66 MK III Nipper (G-ATUH)ClassicUK
Håkan WikanderBücker JiungmannVintageSweden
Damien Van OostBücker JungmanReplicaBelgium
Daniel BoppBölkov JuniorClassicSchwitzerland
Markus GilchBücker JungmannVintageGermany
Dieter Geipel
Zlin 525 AFSClassicGermany
Markus GilchBücker JungmannVintageGermany
Kathi SuthauBücker JungmeisterVintageGermany
Gabriel Orlando RieserZlin 126VintageGermany
Rainer DrummerGlider, LO 100ClassicGermany
Dr. Oliver HeupelBücker JungmeisterVintageGermany
Markus KressFWP 149DClassicGermany
Jan Schiedek-JachtBucker JungmannReplicaGermany
Gail SchipperBücker JungmannReplicaUSA
Doedo SchipperBücker JungmannReplicaUSA
Andreas StaubiStearmanVintageGermany
Søren DolriisBücker JungmannReplicaDenmark
Moritz KirchbergRF4ClassicGermany
Bernhard DrummerGlider, LO 100ClassicGermany
Hermann DieboldBücker Jungmann?Germany
Stephan StritterBücker JungmannReplicaGermany
Philip HafnerBücker Jungmann?Germany
Peter HofmannGlider, Lo 100ClassicGermany
Michael HofmannGlider, Lo 100ClassicGermany
Michael StorekZlin 526 AFSClassicGermany
Stephen HipwellZlin 526ClassicUK
Thomas SachseBücker JungmannReplica, ALFGermany
Dr.Dietmar PollGlider, LunacVintageAustrian
Stephan StritterBücker JungmannReplica
Benoit DierickxBücker JungmeisterReplicaBelgium
Rainer BerndtBücker JungmeisterVintageGermany
Benoit DierickxBücker JungmeisterReplicaBelgium
Kathie SuthauBücker JungmeisterVintageGermany
David CookeZlin 526ClassicUK
Johann BritschePitts S1ClassicGermany
Bernhard DrummerBücker JungmeisterVintageGermany
David CookeZlin 526ClassicUK
Rainer BerndtBücker JungmeisterVintageGermany
Andreas StaubiStearmanVintageGermany
Stephen HipwellZlin 526ClassicUK
Claus Cordes StieglitzVintageGermany
Olli HeupelBücker JungmeisterVintageGermany
Bernhard DrummerBücker JungmeisterVintageGermany
Dr.Dietmar PollGlider, LunacClassicGermany
Johann BritschePitts S1ClassicGermany
GERMAN KNIGTHS Berndt/Heupel/DrummerJungmeister/JungmanVintage/ReplicaGermany
Michael Storek, Dieter Geipel
2 ship Zlin 526 AFS Acrobat SpecialClassicGermany
Peter Hofmann, Michi Hofmann2 ship Glider, Lo 100ClassicGermany