JOIN VAWC 2019… without you own plane!!!

We have great NEWS for you.
We are very proud to announce VAWC will have a fantastic and clean vintage aerobatic plane for you to rent. It is a wonderful ZLIN 526 which is actually based in Gera. Thus will give pilots the opportunity to join the competition and to become a real world-champion. Come to Gera and be participant of this strong and unique vintage event of European aviation. No matter why you can’t come with a own plane, you can easily charter the ZLIN 526 and the ship will come with certified FI (former german Aerobatic-Champion, Advanced category, Heintje Wyczisk), giving all the assistance you will need (except during competition flights). 

Furthermore this plane will not only fly during competition. If you just would like to have a ride you might have dreamed of, or you would like to feel like a vintage pilot, or just like an aerobatic Pilot, just come over. Everything is possible.
Interest? Just give a hint via email for planning…
(Rental fee is 6 Euro per minute in flight, Safety/FI and fuel included, landing fee separate.)

Please contact Rainer Bernd for further information/booking:

ALSO… you and/or your spouse, kids or friends can have a spectacular vintage flying experience. Have a local tour in a Russian Gigantic Biplane: Antonov 2. (35 EUR for kids, 45 EUR for adults. Minimum 9 pax pr. tour). Local booking only.