Vintage Aerobatic World Championship 2021

Big thanks to Bernard, Olli and Rainer and the fantastic team for a GREAT performance in hosting VAWC 2019. A fine step for VAWC into the future….  We did all enjoy the flying, and the social energy… and we managed to fly two unknown flights, Glider, and as well Solo and Team Performance! And we even was ready for the great award show and the faboulus swing jazz band. Fantastic!!! Soon this web page will be updated with official results and pictures…  / Søren Dolriis, VAWC Founder

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VAWC is getting ready for take-off  – big future ahead!

After we developed the VAWC concept three years ago, we have really enjoyed the friendly success, and it seems that the concept really have hit a need in the aviation world. Hardy Vad (Denmark) put in in this way: “VAWC gives these fabulous old-timers a new sense of purpose, and do re-ignite their proud owners and pilots. VAWC unites the competitive and social SPIRIT and gives you personally a sense of going somewhere, rather than retreating…” On top of participants from many European countries we have enjoyed participants and presence from New Zeeland, USA and South Africa and Australia, but growing VAWC into an ambition of a true World Championship we would like to give VAWC stronger reach, stronger wings so to speak. This summer we will after the big succes in Gera/Germany be hosted at Maribo airport, Denmark… Let’s all meet in Maribo and enjoy the competitive social power of VAWC! Let’s have some fun! Søren Dolriis /VAWC Founder