VAMC rules


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Known programs

Scoring principles for the known “program flights”:

1. Aresti scoring system, maneuvers: Weight 70% (Subject to “power balancing” – see below / The Airplanes)
2. Positioning in front of the judges: Weight 10%
3. Rhythm and showmanship 10%: Weight 10%
4. Safety attitude: Weight 10%

Note: Zero penalty is given for “breaking for height”, “re-climb” and “restart”. However, you will of course loose points in the “rhythm and positioning scores”.

Scoring principle for THE PERFORMANCE

Selected pilots, aviators and judges will perform the judging.

1. “Flight Harmony and Romance” (20% weight)
2. “Piloting Skills” (60% weight)
3. “Creative flight concept” (weight 20%) (Creative expression, program design, music etc.)