VAMC rules

The flights

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The flights

1. You compete in ONE of three known programs/classes:

  • Looping the Loop (should be flyable in a Tiger Moth or other low power non inverted airplanes)
  • Dancing the Cloverleaf (should be flyable in a Chipmunk or other low power non inverted airplanes)
  • Rolling the Circle (should be flyable in Bücker Jungmann or Stampe)

Latest in April every year the annual known programs will be uploaded on

Note: It is our mantra NOT to increase complexity from year to year. We need to take care of the beautiful old airplanes and keep focus on safe fun flying. Unknown programs in “Rolling the Circle” will however most likely include some handling and/or “brain challenges” to the pilot.

Local organizers are welcome to suggest known programs for the season, but the VAWC steering group do have the final word in the design of the known- and unknown programs.

Note: You are allowed double entry, allowing power pilots also to participate in glider and vice versa. Apart from this It is NOT allowed a pilot to participate in different aircrafts and in more than one known program/class.

2. You can complement your choice of known program by participating in The Performance either as SOLO flight or TEAM.
3. If you desire, you can compete alone in The Performance (team or solo)
4. You can compete in as well The Performance team, and The Performance solo

Scoring / know(n) program(s)/classes

The known programs will be judged by an international judge line manned by experienced judgeteams. Maneuver scoring (only!) criteria from CIVA will be used. Thus, all other CIVA/IAC rules except “maneuver-scoring” is not respected.

Scoring / The Performance (SOLO and TEAM)

The judge line is expanded with selected experienced pilots not participating in the competition (The Performance). The Performance Judges shall be present at the presentation/briefing where competitors in “The Performance” present their performance:

1. Major take home from the performance flight: What Impact do I want to make, emotions, impression
2. Major creative concept of the flight: Maneuvers, composition, music, speak
3. Major idea behind the show-design linked to the airplane (envelope, time-era, etc.)

Number of flights

  • “Looping the Loop” and “Dancing the Cloverleaf” is expected to fly two flights (repetition).
  • In “Rolling the Circle” only one known flight is flown. After these two unknown flights is flown.

If weather – or other issue – prevents that two flights can be flown by all pilots in the respective class, the competition management led by the Contest Director can reduce the number of flights. World Champions and Performance Winners can be announced if only one flight is flow by all participating pilots. Contest Director can also expand the number of known flights two three flights if time and weather allow.

Starting order

In principle the starting order is decided by drawing lots. But the competition management can decide otherwise to optimize flying in shared planes, glider participating etc.