VAWC 2022

Aug 18-21

VAWC 2022 – a great succes in Breighton/UK

What a venue for VAWC! 

Breighton Airfield was a Second World War heavy bomber base and cold-war nuclear missile launch site but is now home to the historic aircraft collection of the Real Aeroplane Company and the Real Aeroplane Club, an active flying club whose members own and operate many unusual, classic and ex-military aircraft.

Strong club to host VAWC.

The Real Aeroplane Company historic aircraft collection consists of a number of interesting historic and classic aircraft. Charles Sunter took the all important role of lead-organizer but with strong support from a number of local persons fulfilling the many jobs to make a VAWC come to life. ALSO Charles took the role of Contest Director… and in a fine manner did lead the competetion/event. Well done, Charles and BIG thanks to all involved assisting you.

Fine weather and  an efficient judge-line –  headed  with  our  very competent Nick Buckenham  – made it possible to ad an UNKNOWN program in the “Dancing the Cloverleaf” category. Big fun and great sportsmanship from pilots.

The results

Looping the Loop

  1. Richard Stirk (GBR), Chipmunk 52,77%
  2. Peter Künast (GER), Zlin 526F 37,19%


Dancing the Cloverleaf

  1. Jan Schiedek-Jacht (GER), Bücker Jungmeister 87,07%
  2. Dietmar Poll (AUT), LUNAK glider, 85,50%
  3. Thomas Sachse (GER), Bücker Jungmeister 74,88%
  4. Mike Rottland (GER), Bölkov Monsun 73,67%
  5. Maxim Schelfhout (BEL), Clipped Wing Piper Cub 66,49%
  6. Stephen Stead (GBR), Bücker Jungmeister 64,73%


Rolling the Circle

  1. Bernhard Drummer (GER), Bücker Jungmeister 77,31%
  2. Kathi Suthau (GER), Bücker Jungmeister 76,67%
  3. Rainer Berndt (GER), Bücker Jungmeister 68,89%
  4. Benoit Dierickx (BEL), Bücker Jungmeister/Replica 62,87%


The Performance:

  1. Benoit Dierickx (BEL), Bücker Jungmeister/Replica 402,20 points
  2. Rainer Berndt (GER), Bücker Jungmeister 395,60 points
  3. Dietmar Poll (AUT), LUNAK Glider 395,40 points
  4. Bernhard Drummer (GER), Bücker Jungmeister 389,60 points
  5. Kathi Suthau (GER), Bücker Jungmeister 379,40 points
  6. Maxim Schelfhout (BEL), Clipped Wing Piper Cub 370,60 points
  7. Taff Smith (GBR), Bücker Jungmeister 355,80 points
  8. Oliver Heupel (GER), Bücker Jungmeister 315,20 points


Sportsman of the year (Jiri Koberle – trophy): Maxim Schelfhout


John Tempest have filmed/edited two very nice videos from Breighton. Feel free and enjoy to re-visit the great flying performed in the short video or revisit the artistic and elegant winning flight in The Performance: Pilot Benoit Dierickx. Plane: Bücker Jungmeister, LOM re-engined/replica. (one minute edit) (The Performance Winner 2022)







(Subject for change, keep posted)

Wednesday 17.

Arrival, registration, practice, Teaching the Tricks

Thursday 18.

Arrival, registration and practice. “Teaching the tricks”. Judges Corner

VAWC Opening Briefing at 20:00 (mandatory for participants, interesting for all)

Friday the 19. and saturday the 20.

Competition Flights. On 20th award dinner, hangar party.

Sunday 21.

Spare flying day until 13:00. Farewell and flying home.

Note: Do expect 2-3 flights for judgment (subject to weather this might be reduced to one flight). Note also that flying (outside the competition area) is allowed through out VAWC, except for the pilots competing in The Unknown flights

Register here

Preliminary participants 2022

Looping the loop
Peter KünastZlin 526ClassicGerman
Chris MilnesAcro NipperClassicBritish
Richard StirkChipmunkVintageBritish
Dancing the cloverfield
Jan Schiedek-JachtBücker JungmannReplicaGermany
Stephan SteadBücker JungmeisterVintageBritish
Dietmar PollLunak GliderVintageAustrian
Mike RottlandBölkow MonsunClassicGermany
Gary CameronStampe SV4VintageUK
Thomas SachseZlin 526 (TBD)ClassicGermany
Maxim SchelfhoutJ3 Cub / Clipped WingVintageBelgium
Rolling the circle
Bernhard DrummerBücker JungmeisterVintageGermany
Frank de MeyerStampe SV4VintageBelgium
Rainer BerndBücker JungmeisterVintageGermany
Detlev KellinghusenBoelkow BO 209ClassicGermany
Dr Oliver HeupelJungmeisterVintageGermany
Kathi SuthauBücker JungmeisterVintageGermany
Benoit DiericksBücker JungmeisterReplicaBelgium
The Performance (Solo) circle
Duncan RossZlin 526ClassicUK
Dietmar PollLunak GliderVintageAustrian
Detlev KellinghusenBoelkow BO 209ClassicGermany
Mike RottlandBölkow MonsunClassicGermany
Tony "TAFF" SmithBücker JungmeisterVintageUK
Frank de MeyerStampe SV4VintageBelgium
Bernhard DrummerBücker JungmeisterVintageGermany
Rainer BerndBücker JungmeisterVintageGermany
Kathi SuthauBücker JungmeisterVintageGermany
Duncan RossZlin 526ClassicUK
Maxim SchelfhoutJ3 Cub / Clipped WingVintageBelgium
Benoit DiericksBücker JungmeisterReplicaBelgium
The Performance (TEAM) circle
Tony "TAFF" Smith +?Bücker JungmeisterVintageUK
Duncan Ross +?Zlin 526ClassicUK