VAWC 2023

VAWC 2023 –
St. Michalisdonn Airfield August 24-27th.


Enjoy a romantic airfield west of Hamburg

Barely one hour northwest of Hamburg and located in the middle of the VAWC community. 

St. Michaelisdonn Airfield comes along with an edgy facility to feel the spirit of vintage airmanship.  A guesthouse/hotel with campsite directly connected to the airfield offers the possibility to pitch your tent directly next to your plane or live your dream… sleeping under your vintage wing. The airfield is the homebase of one of the oldest German aeroclubs, the Dithmarscher Luftsportverein e.V.. Since founded in 1950 comradeship is the highest value and the purpose of the club has always been to make flying be possible for everyone. St. Michaelisdonn Airfield offers a small restaurant, hangar space (not unlimited) and great flying possibilities for practice and competition. A grass runway will be available at VAWC, more info to follow. Look forward to enjoy an open airspace and/or no noise restrictions. Also, the area has several interesting attractions for non-flyers, and of course Hamburg is only 50 minutes away by car with unlimited offerings within culture, entertainment etc. Finally, the beaches of Büsum and St. Peter Ording is only 40-60 minutes, if weather is appealing.

Soon we will upload contact information, on our local team.  Also information for concrete hotel options, and more fly-in information for pilots, and soon the website will be updated according to all VAWC 2023 elements, including KNOWN programs for the season etc.

 We look forward to seeing you all at St. Michalisdonn Airfield August 24-27th.

Norbert Schuldt

Lead Organizer

Contact details: , phone: +49 173 2418520  fax: +49 4855 1320 




English speaking folks: For spaces at the airfield’s campsite for your motorhomes, please contact our tower guy,
Mr. Rainer Kaun, phone/whatsapp: + 49 172 1646823 , e-mail: – he will assist the booking.

German speaking folks: Für Stellplätze auf dem Campingplatz am Flugplatz wendet euch bitte direkt an die Betreiber (Walter & Susanne Geisler) über die Webseite


Hotel Gardels – best hotel in town

Westerstraße 19

25693 St.Michaelisdonn

Phone: +49 4853 8030



Booking: by phone, booking reference is „Vintage Aerobatics“

A contingent of 15 rooms (single as well as double) is reserved until June, 1st. Free cancelation until two weeks before arrival.

Distance: Route to EDXM


RIVER LOFT Hotel & Spa

Am Freizeitbad 2a

25541 Brunsbüttel

Phone: +49 4852 839 49 0



Booking: via Webpage

Distance: Route to EDXM


Kleines Landhotel Rehedyk

Helser Geestweg 11

25693 Sankt Michaelisdonn

Phone: +49 162-9403668



Booking: via Webpage

Distance: Route to EDXM


Hotel „Am alten Bahnhof“

Bahnhofsstraße 32

25709 Marne

Phone: +49 4851 3451



Booking: by phone

Distance: Route to EDXM


And some nice airbnb offerings in a 10-minutes-by-car-radius around the airfield. 









(Subject for change, keep posted)

Wednesday 23.

Arrival, registration, practice, Teaching the Tricks

Thursday 24.

Arrival, registration and practice. “Teaching the tricks”. Judges Corner

VAWC Opening Briefing at 20:00 (mandatory for participants, interesting for all)

Friday the 25. and saturday the 26.

Competition Flights. On 26th award dinner, hangar party.

Sunday 27.

Spare flying day until 13:00. Farewell and flying home.

Note: Do expect 2-3 flights for judgment (subject to weather this might be reduced to one flight). Note also that flying (outside the competition area) is allowed through out VAWC, except for the pilots competing in The Unknown flights

Register here

Preliminary participants 2023

Looping the loop
Claus CordesStieglitzVintageGerman
Daniel RadacherBücker JungmanClassicAustria
Jens WallitscheckCessna 150 AerobatClassicGermany
Peter KünastZlin 526ClassicGermany
Alexander StegnerFokker DreidekkerReplicaGermany
Mark Oliver KlenkCessna 150 AerobatClassicGermany
Dirk LüneborgZlin 526 AFSClassicGermany
Dancing the cloverleaf
Jan Schiedek-JachtBücker JungmannReplicaGermany
Dietmar PollLunak GliderVintageAustrian
Rainer GaggBücker JungmeisterVintageAustrian
Søren DolriisChipmunkVintageDenmark
Tom NilsonTiger MothVintageUnited Kingdom
Thomas SachseBücker JungmeisterVintageGermany
Maxim SchelfhoutJ3 Cub / Clipped WingVintageBelgium
Werner KrausZlin 526ClassicGermany
Rolling the circle
Kathi SuthauZlin 526ClassicGermany
Florian KowohlBücker JungmeisterVintageGermany
Bernhard DrummerBücker JungmeisterVintageGermany
Rainer BerndBücker JungmeisterVintageGermany
The Performance (Solo) circle
Dietmar PollLunak GliderVintageAustrian
Mark Oliver KlenkCessna 150 AerobatClassicGermany
Claus CordesStieglitzVintageGermany
Florian KowohlBücker JungmeisterVintageGermany
Bernhard DrummerBücker JungmeisterVintageGermany
Rainer BerndBücker JungmeisterVintageGermany
Kathi SuthauZlin 526ClassicGermany
Jan Schiedek-JachtBücker JungmanClassicGermany
Maxim SchelfhoutJ3 Cub / Clipped WingVintageBelgium
The Performance (TEAM) circle