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VAWC 2024

VAWC 2024 –
H.C. Andersen Airport August 22-25th 

We look forward to welcoming you all – spouses and family included – to H.C Andersen Airport. All sails are set for a great event!

The heart of the venue is the spirited hangar of Jens Ploug Larsen, with all planes, helicopters, and military gear… and the bar of cause.

Here we hang out, listen to briefings, and speaks in case of bad weather. (feel free to suggest aviation related topics you wish to talk about :-))

A small restaurant is in the Tower Building, with friendly services and reasonable prices for VAWC participants/guests. Here you can get your food supply at very flexible hours. The restaurant will also provide breakfast for persons staying at the airfield (tent, campers…)

Thursday we will arrange for a welcoming barbecue before the opening briefing at 20:00.

Friday evening, we might – if the competition flights are on time-track – deploy “Vintage Air race”. A social competition with NO aerobatics involved, and where all aircrafts can participate. Give it a go, in your helicopter, turbo prop, Cessna or vintage aircraft of cause 😊)

Saturday night we have the traditional Award Show, good food, lots of drinks…. And a live band. Bring your dancing shoes (and your spouse!)

Sunday, we have as “spare flying day”, just in case that the weather has been really really bad.

We look forward to seeing your registration, and not a least see old VAWC friends and new VAWC participants. Here is a small statement from one of our new VAWC friends:

“From the first time I heard about the Vintage Aerobatic World Championship, I knew this great concept was something I needed to try. Thus, I enlisted my girlfriend, Elke, and myself and we made a fantastic flight from Antwerp in Belgium to Beighton in the UK… in our little vintage 1946, Clipped Wing Cub: SUNNY. I had never participated in an aerobatic competition and could not imagine competing against Zlins and Jungmeisters with my 85 horsepower, but I thought I had nothing to loose, only to gain experience and meet new people. Well, it was GREAT FUN, and SUNNY did fine and danced the cloverleafs to the judges approval. Also, I had a go at “the performance” since the idea of flying to music with an artistic element really fascinated me. Best of all, the warm, passionate community surrounding the VAWC and the willingness to help each other is wat we appreciated the most and makes us longing to return to this great event!”

Come out and play. It does NOT matter if you arrive in a vintage Harvard, a Chipmunk, or a classic Cessna 150 Aerobat. The category Looping the Loop should be flyable for any “Sunday-loopers”, and Rolling the Circle should give a good challenge to the more experienced aerobatic pilots. (look more into the Type of airplanes, and the FLIGHTS on this website)

Please do register soon, to make sure that your participation is not restricted by the limit of 35 participants.

Please do not hesitate to reach out for me if any doubt of anything.

H.C. Andersen Airport (EKOD)

Location 5.4 NM NW of Odense 2. Address Hans Christian Andersen Airport P/S Lufthavnvej 131 DK-5270 Odense N TEL: +45 65 95 50 72 FAX: NIL E-mail: twr@hca-airport.dk AFS: EKOD 3.

Approved for VMC day and VFR night operations 4. Operational hours AFIS: As AD AD: MON-FRI 0700-1600 (0600-1600) SAT 0800-1400 (0700-1500) SUN/HOL 0800-1400 (0700-1500) ADO: As AD ARO: As AD AIS: As AD MET: Normally as AD, otherwise TEL: +45 39 15 72 72 FAX: +45 39 27 10 80

Outside said hours: PPR. Request to be submitted not later than 1 hour before termination of service. Self-service AVBL for aircraft MTOW BLW 2000 Kg.

VFR outside opening hours. Contact to EKOD outside Service hours phone manned from 0600-2200 local time on TEL +45 65 95 50 72. NOTE: Opening charge will be collected outside Service Hours.

Fueling: MON-FRI: As AD SAT: As AD SUN/HOL: As AD 5. Customs/Immigration The airport is open for traffic to/from all States.

Hours for customs clearance and immigration as for ADO. PN 1 HR. 6. Fuel, Oil and De-icing Fluid, etc. Fuel: 100LL (110 L/MIN) Jet A1 (200 L/MIN) Oil: No 7.

Hangar Space for Visitors No 8. Repair Facilities Available Minor repairs only 9. Rescue and Fire Fighting Service CAT 5, CAT 6 and CAT 7 PPR, submitted within normal operational hours and not later than 24 hours before planned flight.



Hotels, B&B, camping) the information below should help. Later we will allocate a person to guide you.


(info on accommodation will arrive)










(Subject for change, keep posted)

Wednesday 21.

Arrival, registration, practice, Teaching the Tricks

Thursday 22.

Arrival, registration and practice. “Teaching the tricks”. Judges Corner

VAWC Opening Briefing at 20:00 (mandatory for participants, interesting for all)

Friday the 23. and saturday the 24.

Competition Flights. On 26th award dinner, hangar party.

Sunday 25.

Spare flying day until 13:00. Farewell and flying home.

Note: Do expect 2-3 flights for judgment (subject to weather this might be reduced to one flight). Note also that flying (outside the competition area) is allowed through out VAWC, except for the pilots competing in The Unknown flights

Register here

Preliminary participants 2023

Looping the loop
Claus CordesStieglitzVintageGerman
Søren AndersenHarvardVintageDenmark
Poul Erik NielsenChipmunkVintageDenmark
Håkan WijkanderBücker JungmeistterVintageSweden
Hans HammerT17/SaabClassicDenmark
Dancing the cloverleaf
Jan Schiedek-JachtBücker JungmannReplicaGermany
Dietmar PollLunak GliderVintageAustrian
Lars NajbjergCap10ClassicDenmark
Søren DolriisChipmunkVintageDenmark
Lars JensenCap10ClassicDenmark
Thomas SachseBücker JungmeisterVintageGermany
Maxim SchelfhoutJ3 Cub / Clipped WingVintageBelgium
Jeppe AilloudCap10ClassicDenmark
Melissa RudolphBücker JungmeisterVintageGermany
Povl ToftStampe SV4BVintageDenmark
Thore ThoresenHarvardVintageNorway
Rolling the circle
Kathi SuthauZlin 526ClassicGermany
Lars NajbjergCap10ClassicGermany
Florian KowohlBücker JungmeisterVintageGermany
Bernhard DrummerBücker JungmeisterVintageGermany
Rainer BerndBücker JungmeisterVintageGermany
Ivar ________Saab SafirVinageNorway
Morten Hartvig-HansenCap10ClassicDenmark
Oliver HeupelBücker JungmeisterVintageGermany
The Performance (Solo) circle
Dietmar PollLunak GliderVintageAustrian
Claus CordesStieglitzVintageGermany
Florian KowohlBücker JungmeisterVintageGermany
Bernhard DrummerBücker JungmeisterVintageGermany
Rainer BerndBücker JungmeisterVintageGermany
Kathi SuthauZlin 526ClassicGermany
Jan Schiedek-JachtBücker JungmanClassicGermany
Maxim SchelfhoutJ3 Cub / Clipped WingVintageBelgium
The Performance (TEAM) circle