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Realize your dream of becoming a World Champion. Inject your positive energy and contribution, and let’s have some flying and fun together. Please do check out the registration-information below before you fill the registration form and use the credit card payment form.

(Regarding your choice of music, and the “story” of our plane, please insert this in “additional message”) (please forward pictures to


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Looping the loopDancing the cloverleafRooling the circleThe performance

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Registration information

Last ordinary registration: 1st of July Competition entry fee: 150 EUR. Late registrations (after 19. of July) 175 EUR (Refunding of entry fee will be give to participants who resign before of June)

Please note that the fantastic succes of VAWC, and our unwillingness to let the volume (and time consumption) expand beyond 3 flying days have let us to limit the number of participants to 35 pilots. We have allocated this into following: 20 Vintage, 8 Classic and 7 replica. First in, and you are on the list. Too slow, you will enter the waiting list. Unused quota in a category will be allocated to the other categories 1. of June 2020. If you are ON the list at the web, you are ON 🙂


Regarding food/drink tickets and other logistics we will return. Check out the web in the spring. But still remember:

Spouses are MORE than welcome! And we will strive to line up for a great hangar party Saturday evening.

Airplane category: Vintage, Classic or Replica Airplane type and year:________________________ (Please inform Engine HP if your register in Replica category) Flight Ambitions Looping the loop, Dancing the cloverleaf, Rolling the circle, The Performance SOLO, The Performance TEAM. If you register for competition in The Performance (solo or team) please indicate the music you will use. (Please note: You are most welcome to fly as well ONE program-flight, and The Performance flight. You might even select to fly both The Performance Solo and Team. You will compete in only ONE airplane, except if you want to fly both GLIDER and POWER.