VAWC 2020 Maribo –

Lolland Falster Airport (EKMB), Aug 20-23

Maribo is a well know transition airport between central europe and the nordic countries. Here we hope to benefit from a stronger participation from Swedish Aerobatic enthusiasts. But also Maribo makes it more feasible form Finish Vintage Aerobatic entusiasts… while NOT increasing the flying distance from pilots and UK (e.g.) compared to the previous VAWC venue in Skive/Jutland.

We will upload further information on Maribo and the surroundings at a later stage.


Wedensday 19th.

Arrival, registration, practice, Teaching the Tricks (Judges Corner)

Thrusday 20th.

8:00 Welcome and Briefing. Expected start of competition at 10:00

Friday 21 and Saturday 22.

Competition Flights. On 22th award dinner, hangar party.

Sunday 22.

Spare flying day until 13:00. Farewell and flying home.

Note: Do expect 2-3 flights for judgment (subject to weather this might be reduced to one flight). Note also that flying (outside the competition area) is allowed through out VAWC, except for the pilots competing in The Unknown flights

Register here


Free-style performance by individual pilots or teams (two categories, two winners). Showcase the unique qualities of your aircraft. Include creative elements like manouvres, rhythm and music. It’s in your hands! The sky’s the limit! Please note: If you are not familiar reading the ARESTI pictograms, please do not interpret these graphics too “specifically” Corners shall NOT be “corners”, a dotted line in what could look like a half loop means a horizontal turn etc. In case of ANY doubt please do not hesitate to reach out for chief judge LG or Søren Dolriis.

PLEASE NOTE following change for VAWC 2020: Participants in ThePerformance must register in this category before the competition starts, and it is also a “must” that participants do prepare and present their flight (intentions, creative design (incl. music) and flight programme) at the briefing. Also please note the new time limitation of the Performance Flight to 6 min (SOLO Performance) and 8 minutes (TEAM Performance) (Do NOT feel obliged to use the maximum time :-))