VAWC 2019 GERA, Aug 15-18

THE VINTAGE AEROBATIC WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2019 will take place in Germany, Gera Airfield

Dear brave participants and beloved enthusiasts of vintage aerobatic flights. After having participated in VAWC the last two years – being very fascinated about the concept – we have been given the opportunity to take VAWC into the next level. And we are really looking forward to take on this challenge and lift VAWC into new altitudes…

Why Gera? Well… actually we love Gera! Many great, fun and wonderful aerobatic events have taken place in Gera. The wonderful airfield is located almost in the middle of Germany and provides therefore a convenient trip for all of you scattered in Europe.

We organized and flew competitions in Gera and we organized competitions there, and the conditions is tried out and found optimal for running a successful and safe VAWC event. Actually we have had no disappointment in any case, this also because of our strong local support from Fliegerclub Gera e.V. Big thanks in advance!!!

We will have a huge concrete and grass runway lined with a magnificent aerobatic box in an ideal landscape.

We will have a huge and clean hangar. And beside an excellent gastronomic supply (which is  known all over Germany) the most IMPORTANT aspect is: IN GERA WE ARE AMONG FRIENDS!

We are convinced: Gera is the best place for the first non-danish VAWC 2019. We will work intensively to bring the important spirit of VAWC to life; The balance between the competitive spirit and the social “soul” and the genuine airmanship, which were always shall be an important part of the competition since founding VAWC.

Together – let´s open a bigger future for THE VINTAGE AEROBATIC WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP in Gera/Germany in 2019.

The concept will only be refined – in control of the steering group – not changed. But we will try to grow the TeamPerformance even further (we have a Zlin 526 team in Gera..!), and we will try to establish a possible rent-solution for a Bücker and/or a Stampe… allowing overseas pilots to join VAWC. (not fully confirmed, we will keep you posted…). Also: New known programmes will be posted on the website during the winter…

Come and be a part of VAWC. Please keep an eye with the web and our FaceBook group.

Save the dates, do it NOW: 15-18 aug 2019.

(NB:  There will room for lots of “teaching the tricks” and practice flights so we suggest you arrive before the event. Also – if the number of participants will grow (as we expect :-)) – we might absorb Thursday 15th as a completion flying day. So please do NOT book to few flying-holidays!!)

Hope to see you all in Gera!!




Wedensday 14th. Arrival and pratice

Arrival, registration, practice, Teaching the Tricks (Judges Corner)

Thrusday 15th.

Welcome and Briefing (..and competition flights if needed)

Friday 16 and Saturday 17.

Competition Flights. On 18th award dinner, hangar party.

Sunday 18.

Spare flying day until 13:00. Farewell and flying home.

Note: Do expect 2-3 flights for judgment (subject to weather this might be reduced to one flight)

Register here


Free-style performance by individual pilots or teams (two categories, two winners). Showcase the unique qualities of your aircraft. Include creative elements like manouvres, rhythm and music. It’s in your hands!

The sky’s the limit!

Please note: If you are not familiar reading the ARESTI pictograms, please do not interpret these graphics too “specifically” Corners shall NOT be “corners”, a dotted line in what could look like a half loop means a horizontal turn etc. In case of ANY doubt please do not hesitate to reach out for chief judge LG or Søren Dolriis.

VENUE information (TBD)